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ANAGLYPHIC 3-D Photos  (best for websites and printed material)

The first set of photos below are "anaglyphic" 3-D images which require RED/CYAN glasses to properly view the images stereo-optically. This type  of image is best for websites and printed material such as periodicals and books. (Viewing glasses can be ordered as "business cards" imprinted with your web address and other business info.)

Click on a thumbnail image below to see an enlarged anaglyphic view.

    Be sure to place the RED lens of the RED/CYAN
    viewer glasses over your LEFT eye.

For one free pair of viewing glasses send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to:

Rainbow Symphony, Inc.
6860 Canby Ave.
Suite 120
Reseda · CA · 91335

Specify that you are requesting a free pair of Anaglyph 3D Paper Glasses.
Make sure that you put the SASE inside the envelope you are sending.

PARALLEL PAIR  3-D Photos  (best for mailings and "handouts" )

These next photos are "parallel pair" 3-D images which, with practice, can be viewed without any equipment. Stare "through" the photo until a third (central) 3-D image appears. Experiment with different viewing distances beginning at about 20 inches from your monitor screen. This "free viewing" method has been used for many years including several years ago when "stereograms" were popular.

"Parallel pairs" such as these, when printed in 4 to 5 inch widths, can also be viewed with a compact plastic folding pocket viewer or "paper squeeze viewer" which folds flat so that it can easily be mailed.

Urns and Punch Bowl

Winterthur Estate

Winterthur, DE

Goleen Lass - Ireland

Iron Mask -

by Daniel Stuart of
Iron Antler Forge

"Quack" -

resident of
Chestnut Hill Ranch Bed and Breakfast

Only, TN

Below are sample "Classic" Holmes stereo view cards which, when printed in the standard "Classic" size of 7 inches wide, are best viewed in a Victorian style Holmes stereo viewer.
This combination of wooden Holmes stereo viewer and a set of Classic stereo cards works great as part of the decor of Victorian type resorts such as B&B's.

CROSS PAIR  3-D Photos  (best for "large" screen and printed images)

These next photos are "cross pair" 3-D images which, with practice, can be viewed without any equipment. While staring at the photo pair, slightly cross your eyes until a third (central) 3-D image appears.

Cross pairs such as these can also be viewed with special optical viewers which direct the LEFT image to the RIGHT eye and the RIGHT image to the LEFT eye. An advantage of cross pair viewing is that large 3-D images can be viewed by using this method.

Milling Facility

Boardwalk at Rehobeth Beach - Deleware


  3-D Photography -- so nice, you have to do it twice !!